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      TSJ 600/660 Drilling rig

      TSJ600/660 drilling rig is mainly used in quaternary stratum of fine particles basic construction of water conservancy development of groundwater sources also used for well drilling in similar stratum and other engineering borehole.
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      TSJ 600/660 Drilling rig
      TSJ600/660 drilling rig is mainly used in quaternary stratum of fine particles, basic construction of water conservancy, development of groundwater sources, 
       also used for well drilling in similar stratum and other engineering borehole.
      Structure Features 
      1.Mechanical transmission, rotary table rotation. low center of gravity, smooth transmission, strong and durable, reliable operation,
       good sealing.
      2.Reasonable structure for easy maintenance and repair.
      Main Technical Parameters
      Drilling depth (89 drill pipe )                (m) 600
      Kelly specification                     (mm) 108x108x9000
      Drift dia. of Rotary table(mm) φ660
      Speed of rotary table
      Forward         (r/min) 39  57  84
      Reverse         (r/min) 47
      Max output torque of rotary table        (kN.m) 11
      Max  single rope hoisting capacity of winch (kN) 40
        Hoisting speed of winch  (m/s) 1.2   1.76    2.57
      Motor unit Motor type, power Y225M-4 45KW
      Diesel type, power 4135D-1 80HP
         Belt type (GB11544-89) C5004-5 Pc
      Traveling system 3×4
      Overall dimensions(L×W×H)        (mm) 3920x1572x1270
        Weight                             (kg) 4200
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