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      Truck mounted drilling rig YMC-1000

      Main features : 1. YMCZ-1000 truck mounted drilling rigis designed by our engineers. It is a kind of truck mounted and rotary drilling rig. 2. The truck chassis adopts the special crane chassis of brand CHANA TRUCK and the main drive syst
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      YMC-1000 Truck mounted drilling rig

      Main features

      1.YMC truck mounted water well drilling rig witch adopts vehicle-mounted and self-propelled way.
      2.Drilling rig assembled by special automotive chassis of heavy duty truck, transfer case, main transmission system, gearbox, double winch set, mud pump, rotary table, mast, feed mechanism of steel wire rope etc, installed on the special chassis of special automotive chassis;
      3.Drilling rig uses the rotary table rotates the mud and directional circulation drilling technology, if equipped proper drilling tools, also adaptable other drilling technique, can drill in many kinds of stratum of the clay, sand layer, bedrock etc.   
      4.Drilling rig equipped double winch, mast pulley block, the auxiliary pressure device of elevator link linkage between the two sides of swivel, if drill the mudstone, strong air-strike, basement stratigraphic texture etc,. can drill with auxiliary pressing, in order to improve efficiency  of pore-forming.
       5.The appearance of drilling rig is beautiful and grand, torque of rotary table is large, drill fast, applies to the farmland water conservancy and irrigation, industry deep water well, national defense construction, hydrology exploration, geothermal well drilling, also can be used in other project basic hole drilling , it is favorable received by clients home and aboard.
      Type YMC-1000
      Drilling Pipe(m) 1000
       Drilling Diameter(mm0 660
      The capacity of main windlass(kN) 420
      The capacity of auxiliary windlass(kN) 6
      The height of mast(mm) 15000
      Drill pipe (mm)
      Kelly bar
      Assiatant pipe


      Model 6LTAA8.9-G3 diesel
      Rated power
      Drive form 8×4

      Mud pump 
      Model 3NB-130
      Theory of flow 
      Rated pressure
      The highest speed (Km/h) 80
      Weight (kg) 29000
      Transport  size(L*W*H) (mm) 14200×2550×4000
      Working size (L*W*H) (mm) 14270×2550×18000

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