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      SPT-1500 Trailer-mounted water well drilling rig

      SPT-1500 water well drilling rig is characteristic by trailer rotary table rotation forward and reverse circulation. It is mainly suitable for drilling
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      product details
      SPT-1500 water well drilling rig is characteristic by trailer, rotary table rotation, forward and reverse circulation. It is mainly suitable for drilling in unconsolidated strata, sand layer, gravel layer, bedrock and other complex strata witch belong to quaternary strata. The drilling depth can reach to 1500 m. It also is suitable for medium and shallow oil exploitation as well as geothermal development, salt well drilling, CBM exploitation and other engineering.
      Structure Features
      This trailer mounted drilling rig is applied to drill by forward and reverse circulation. It is characterized by easy operation, great drilling capacity, convenient assembly, disassembly and maintenance, strong practicality, compact structure, stable transmission, durable and solid, low operating cost and so on. It can screw and unscrew the drilling tools by machine. Hydraulic system is mainly used for supporting the trailer, lifting and lowering the mast. The trailer can match with a variety of tractors. It adopts front single-bridge and rear double-bridge structure, which is suitable to travel in the desert. It is fitted with turnplate type traction frame, dual-pipeline air brake and five hydraulic legs. The drilling rig can be leveled conveniently and quickly.
      Main Technical parameters
      Item Parameters
        Drilling Diameter (mm) Opening Dia. 660, final Dia. 190
        Capacity Depth (m) 1500
      Trailer Chassis Type Front single-bridge Rear Double-bridge
      Brake Dual-pipeline Air Brake
      Drilling rig Diesel Model Dongfeng Cummins 6LTAA8.9-C325
      Power (Kw) 239
      Drill pipe Kelly 108*108*12193
      Drill pipe 89*9.35*9.5m
      Rotary table Diameter (mm) 660
      Rotary speed (r/min) 153,89,55,39 Forward, Reverse
      Main winch Hoisting Capacity of single Rope (KN) 90
      Auxiliary Winch Hoisting Capacity of single Rope (KN) 60
      Mud pump Model TBW 1200/7B
      Type Double-cylinder, Double-acting Piston Pump
      Pressure (Mpa) 7
      Max. Displacement (L/Min) 1200
      Mast Type Door type
      Load (T) 70
      Effective Height (m) 18.5
      Hydraulic Part               Power (Kw) 11
      Rated Pressure (Mpa) 16
      Overall Dimensions (mm) 13300*2800*4350
      Total Weight 42
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